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Custom integrations

Cut costs with integrations

Proky can be conveniently integrated with your existing ERP solutions.

Find new customers on the Proky marketplace or take regular orders from existing customers, and import Proky orders directly into your ERP system.

Save time and money by reducing the errors caused by retyping orders.

Boost your sales effectively

Smarter advertising

Reach your customers directly where they order. Send targeted promotions on or off the platform to all or selected customers.

Highlight products, reward purchases and promote current promotions.

Proky can organise closed or open tastings where you can showcase your products to selected buyers.

Tailored to your needs

Partner-specific prices

Proky allows you to display basic price lists, partner prices and contract discounts, plus add other promotions.

You can also update your prices using Excel, or on request we can integrate with your ERP system to automatically update your prices on Proky.

Easy-peasy, the Proky team will help you set up your product catalogue and CRM.

Jure Ozimek, Head of Sales with 20 years of experience in Horeca – | +386 70 838 818

Our team is experienced in Horeca sales – get in touch with me at

What can you expect? A 30 minute meeting where I will get to know your way of working and advise you on how to use Proky:

🚀 How you can reach more customers

⏰ How you can save hours and hours of manual work

☑️ Where you can save money by using Proky

How Proky can help

  • Reduce order turnaround time by 50%

  • Instant access to all Proky customers

  • Reduce food waste and associated costs by 50%

Proky is very easy to use. We have been looking forward to it, as it is our main channel for sales to catering companies, but it also makes it easier for my staff to keep track of orders, which we now have in one place. Within three days of signing up, I had already received 4 orders from NEW customers.

- Miha S., packaging supplier

We’re not replacing your sales process – we’re supercharging it!