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Proky Premium saves you time, money, and food waste. With the Premium subscription you get full platform access, and your own B2B online store, and you can boost sales with targeted ads.

We code & maintain custom ERP integrations and other custom solutions for additional time & cost savings!

Proky is used by small local farmers & huge wholesalers – no two businesses are the same. That’s why all plans are negotiated individually to fit your specific needs, margins and sales volume.

Fewer order errors, more time & money saved.

Free Premium Custom
Standardised orders email
ERP integrations
Updated product catalogues
Order editing (quantity)
Order status change
Order settings
(delivery dates,
minimum orders,
delivery price)
Full platform access

Reach new customers & sell more to loyal clients.

Free Premium Custom
Digital orders email
Own B2B store
Proky chat with
procurement managers
Different sales reps
for different clients
Partner-specific prices
Promoted products
Order history
Access to new clients

Friendly support every step of the way. 💜

Free Premium Custom
Product catalogue import Kupujący
Product catalogue updates
Customer support
Proky onboard your clients


1. Get in touch

Let’s get to know each other.

Tell us how you work, what challenges are you facing and what’s your biggest pain point.

Learn how the platform works, what we can do for you and how you can grow with us.

Head of Sales: Jure Ozimek,

2. Get a custom offer

We’ll carefully review your info (it will stay safe with us) and write a custom proposal that fits your specific needs, margins and sales volume.

We respect your time. We strive to give you an answer as quickly as possible.



Your new dedicated Proky Business Administrator will help you set up your store.

We can also connect to your ERP upon request.

The Proky team will help you market to your existing customers so you can get started in no time.

4. Proky stays with you every step of the way

Setting up your account is only the beginning. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Your dedicated Business Admin knows your business, your customers and your needs almost as good as you do. They can help you whenever you need help and also advise on how to increase sales.

Our goal is to build a long-lasting partnership with you and help you grow with us.

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