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* There is a waitlist for suppliers because of our market expansion to the UK. We would love to start working with all of you as soon as possible, but in order to ensure maximum customer support to onboarding hotels and restaurants, we sometimes have to prioritise and work in smaller batches.

Don’t worry, that only means when you’ll join, there will already be multiple buyers available.

What is Proky?

“Proky” stands for “Procurement”. Proky is like having an online store and administration system – all in one. The easiest-to-use platform for boosting sales and managing your workload, with an integrated basic CRM tool for your customers. No download is needed, it’s accessible right through your browser!

We’re new in the UK, but we’re the biggest procurement platform for hotels and restaurants on our first market- Slovenia.

Although Slovenia is notoriously small, we’re famous for having the best food, wine and tourist destinations in Europe.

There are hundreds of suppliers using Proky. They love us because we are saving them multiple hours per week because of easier admin work AND because they love our AI tools for boosting sales.

Our UK hospitality friends wanted a solution like this too. So, we just had to expand and bring Proky to the UK!

Join us & let us make you fall in love with your job again.

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